Our Philosophy


YOU ARE born to be powerful, abundant, vitally alive, thriving and aligned with your purpose & passions.  At VIKAZ we stand for the remembrance of who you are and can support you in growing into, owning and embodying all of this and more.  We know there will be times when you may forget the truth of who you are . . . rest assured we’ve got your back.  We remember your magnificence and always will.  In the Sanskrit language, VIKAZ means to evolve, open, shine, blossom, become visible.  This is what we are committed to.  We see you beyond your life story and seek to serve you in elevating your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing to a level of limitless resource that empowers you to LIVE. We believe it’s your birthright to have a deeply meaningful and joyful life and to experience the fullest expression of your potential.





We realize that with this BIRTHRIGHT come obstacles, especially in our modern world. It’s inevitable. Life brings stress, traumas and is constantly challenging us. It can be easy to become overstimulated and overwhelmed by the intense pace of life . . .

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Are you kidding me, how do we keep up? And add to that any financial pressures, relationship concerns, health challenges, job angst, time management problems . . . EEK!  These life demands can often get in the way of you operating at your best. WHY?  Well, because it’s a lot for anyone to digest and most of our bodies aren’t functioning optimally to be able to handle the volume.  And while it’s common to think that anything you don’t have the time for right now can be conveniently tucked into the “back of your mind” and you’ll deal with it later . . . in reality, the back of your mind is your SPINE and it is constantly getting bombarded by all of these stresses, inputs and information.  all the time.  without end.  24/7.  365.

This results in you feeling disconnected, uninspired, on auto-pilot, reactive, defensive, judgmental, high strung, taking things personally, untrusting, sleepless, anxious, depressed, fatigued, relentless mental chatter, self doubt, inability to focus, hesitancy in making decisions, undirected, off purpose, lack of passion and and a wide range of physical ailments . . .


If you ignore the whispers of these “manageable” and somehow culturally acceptable symptoms, overtime they will get louder and stronger.  Inevitably translate to a life of chronic: Tension. Stress. Aches. Pains. Strains. Sprains. Symptoms. Illness. Conditions. Disease.




Pain, tension, injuries, frustration & overwhelm (whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual) are all a CALL TO ACTION. They’re messages designed to get your attention and let you know that you are out of alignment – with the truth of your body, mind, heart and soul.

We recognize that it’s in the FORGETTING of who you really are and the turning away from the Messages that are asking you to change where the most Pain develops.  It can all be different.  You can move towards more of what you want and experience a RESOURCEFUL body-mind that’s well equipped to not just survive but totally THRIVE in your lifestyle.
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It begins with tending to the most critical piece – YOUR SPINE. The quality of your spine impacts the quality of your life. Period. Your ability to align with your desires and expand your range of life are directly related to the state of your spine and nervous system. In short: A fluid, flexible & healthy spine equals a fluid, flexible & healthy life. And that’s just the baseline!

We are here to assist you and your body in connecting to and liberating all of that stored energy from your life experiences to UNLOCK ITS INNATE HEALING POTENTIAL, get the lessons and wisdom within, awaken your inner guidance system and reconnect you with your core that you may remember who you really are.  We are very passionate in sponsoring you to step into the exquisite POWER OF ALIGNING . . .

align with your

SPINE  for optimal function, flexibility, adaptability, & healing in a modern world that demands it
BODY so you are tuned into the wise messages constantly coming thru, creating health & vitality
EMOTIONS  so that you can be fully expressed & engaged in the brilliant spectrum of life
MIND  so that your thoughts are focused & fueled by inspiration, courage & progress
SOUL so that you choose & direct your life from a place of knowing exactly what’s right for you
TRUE  NATURE so you experience the extraordinary call to fulfill your destiny to be of service





There is a call that begins as a whisper and when ignored, grows into a lion’s roar. You know it. It’s the voice within or the great knowing without. It’s the call of your heart, the call of your soul, the call of your divine . . . It’s the CALL TO STEP UP AND OWN WHO YOU ARE and why you are here. The call to no longer betray what you know to be true, claim your power and consciously choose. The call to give the gifts you’ve been encoded with because the WORLD REQUIRES THEM FROM YOU!  The call to embody the Magnificence of who you were born to be.

The time has come to heed the call and we are privileged to offer you Extraordinary Care that not only ignites & sponsors, but Matches your Calling.magic






WHERE IT BEGAN:  Vikaz birthed from David and Kathleen’s hunger to create an inspiring environment that cultivates a community for those seeking to align with their innate power to live a vibrant, passionate, and meaningful life. And in doing so, provide an unparalleled level of support to sponsor the fullest expression of their gifts. In our playful quest to find the perfect name for our center, we simultaneously came to the knowing that we must explore another language to best capture the essence of our vision. So we looked to Sanskrit, an ancient, sacred language rich in the traditions of poetry, science and philosophy. It is there we unearthed the perfect treasure, who’s very name could contain and embody the resonance we were seeking . . . Vikaz.