Network Care


Network Care


WE AREN’T YOUR AVERAGE CHIROPRACTOR.  At Vikaz, our care miraculously awakens the magic of who you were born to be and helps you live it.  Network Care is a term we use to encompass the 2 transformative healing modalities we offer at our center:  Networks Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somatic Respiratory Integration (SRI).  With Network Care your body will learn to release tension, stress and traumas, move beyond limiting beliefs and stories, and get you out of your head and into your heart.  You will tap into reservoirs of unbound energy in your body, master connection to the inner knowing of your purpose and passions, and experience the joyful privilege of embodying your core nature.







What it is:


NSA, also known as Network Chiropractic, is an extraordinarily unique and cutting edge gentle type of spinal care that supports people in making progress in every area of their life with energy and clarity rather than struggle.  NSA is great for everyone:

from Vikaz members who are ready to break the cycle of a high paced lifestyle {chronic stress, tension, pain, overwhelm and exhaustion} so they navigate life with ease and fully express their vitality, passion, and clarity . . .

to those who crave new levels of personal power and confidence, flexibility and adaptability in this ever changing world, want more deeply satisfying relationships, or know they require more energy and courage to fuel the action they must take in their life . . .

and for those who are seeking to enliven their spirit and awaken a connection to their soul, that they may live in absolute trust and revel in the joy of being in sync with the flow of life.


How it Works:


NSA works with your spine and central nervous system (brain and body), structures that astoundingly impact:  your connection to your sense of self, what you continually focus on, your emotions, behaviors, perceptions, consciousness and your degree of resourcefulness in the world (ability to thrive). These structures offer direct access to not only learn from but also liberate the root source of any pain (physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual) and activate the instinctive memory of who you are born to be.

When working with you, Dr. David uses gentle and precise touches to the spine. Rather than manipulate, crack or pop you (ouch!), he focuses on contacting the areas of your spine and body that are already functioning optimally – meaning they are healthy and flowing with energy. These contacts cue the brain to release accumulated life tension and traumas from where they’ve been stored in your cells, tissues, muscles, bones and nervous system. At the same time your body and mind are rebooted, which spontaneously activates the part of you that effortlessly creates new lifestyle strategies to support your advanced level of health (you know without thinking what you need to do!).

Everyone is bearing the impact of the inundations of the modern world, daily lifestyle stress, not to mention life stories and patterns since birth. We carry these experiences unconsciously- whether chemical, emotional, mental or physical – in our spines and nervous systems. Over time this subtly clouds or distorts every interaction in life as we are unknowingly wearing this “defense armor”. Plus, with all the stimulation we are exposed to, the body and mind aren’t properly connected and so we end up living mostly in our heads.

The nervous system is our “filter” – the lens through which we perceive the world. And similar to a vacuum when it’s not properly cleaned, it becomes so overloaded that it’s unable to take in anything new except for scraps and miniscule bits. Most of our filters are equally clogged in this way! With each and every visit of Network Care your nervous system becomes clearer.. and so too does your life. Imagine experiencing your day from a consistently undefended, open-minded point of view where you can “see” more clearly and therefore operate with much more energy, vitality and ease! Insights pop, knowing abounds, and the unfolding of your potential is supported and encouraged! This is how humans are designed to function!

The results of this work are above and beyond your expectations. Vikaz members receiving NSA care are able to decrease pain more quickly and easily, adapt to change with vigor and pleasure, and develop greater awareness of the relationships between their body, mind, emotions, and soul. Quality of life is richly enhanced on every level.

This genius body of work was developed by Dr. Donald “Donny” Epstein – our beloved teacher, mentor & friend. His technologies amazingly bridge energy, consciousness and structure (the body!) to impact our progress and evolution in profound ways. At Vikaz, we are blessed to be in his direct tutelage and stay current with the evolving distinctions and developments of this magnificent care. Our doctors are masterful in the top level of training available from Dr. Epstein: Level III Certification for Network Spinal Analysis.





What it is:


In a world where we look externally for all the answers and for validation of our self worth, wouldn’t it be great to instead source that information and knowing from within. To have the power in any moment to access truth from a sacred place where it can never be taken from you. And to do it in a way where you are finally able to accept all the parts of yourself – the good, bad, and the ugly – and get that as a human it is normal to go through a range of experiences, from Suffering to Stuckness to Limitless Action to Joy to Bliss and that they are all part of the grand spectrum of life.

SRI is designed to align you to have ownership of exactly that. It helps you check in rather than check out. It’s a process of checking in with your body and allowing your internal rhythms to instruct, enliven and heal you. It effectively changes tension in the body, to shift old ways of behaving and thinking and connect you to the vast resource of wisdom and knowing within you.


How it Works:


Somato Respiratory Integration exercises (based on Donald Epstein’s book, The 12 Stages of Healing) are designed to help the brain reconnect with the body and its experience. (Most of us are disconnected and in our heads which gets in the way of the body’s innate ability to discern and heal.)The goal of SRI is to help you develop lifetime skills, safety, strength, wisdom and love in relationship to your body. Through reconnecting your breath, touch, focused movement and attention, you are able to experience the body more fully and instantly shift your state of consciousness to one that supports trust in yourself and your life experience.

There are 12 Stages in the healing process and therefore 12 Stages of SRI. Each is sacred and everyone will “visit” all 12, in any order, at any time. When you “visit” (become aware of, acknowledge and accept) exactly where you are, it no longer is the baseline that confines or defines you. If you fully experience something, it becomes something else! Unfortunately the culture is set up to force us into our heads rather than being in our bodies in the moment where we could effortlessly flow in this way. With SRI you will gain the skills to get present, visit and get complete with the stage you are in, get the wisdom it’s bringing you, and experience an enriched level of energy that’s being liberated for your momentum.



are especially helpful for people who are in physical pain, stressed, depressed, irritated, tired, helpless, frustrated or feeling stuck.


are powerful tools for people who already are, or want to reclaim their personal power, confront their fears, bust through limiting beliefs and destructive stories, and have life altering breakthroughs.


get you out of your head and into your heart, connects you to awakened consciousness states and supports the embodiment of gratitude, joy, trust, and awe in the interconnectedness and synchronicity of life.


Regular practice of SRI helps people feel more grounded, present, energized, flexible, confident, and creative, as well as deepen their results of Network Care. Once a person learns how to do the exercises of each rhythm, they have a powerful system for self-healing and transformation.


levels of care


level 1 level 2 level 3


Our services are characterized by three different Levels of Care, each one building on the one before it.  Just as a child learns to crawl before they walk and jump, your spine and nerve system must learn basic healing strategies before they learn intermediate and advanced strategies. These Levels of Care allow for safety, adaptability, growth and sustainability in your healing process. And as you advance through the levels of Network Care, you will organically and spontaneously experience the 12 Stages of SRI/Healing.  Though we work with you to progress through these 3 Levels, there is no cap to the standard of wellbeing, vitality, awareness and consciousness that Network work offers. You will endlessly evolve, deepen and grow into the best version of yourself every single day.




Level 1: Discover

When you’re stressed out, anxious, frustrated, overwhelmed, fearful or in pain and nothing seems to be working, it’s time to Discover something new.  Rather than trying to fight or ignore your symptoms, it’s time to connect to what your body and life really needs and begin a process of powerful healing and long-term well-being.

In this process we will help you to:

  • Release enormous amounts of built up stress and tension
  • Breathe more fully and feel more vital, energetic & alive
  • Develop more discernment as to what your body needs
  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Discover the relationship between your stress and your symptoms
  • Enhance your adaptability to handle life stresses and challenges

SRI stages 1-3 are utilized in conjunction with Level 1 Care to connect here.





Level 2: Transform

When you discover what’s really going on inside — how stress has helped you disconnect from life, run from challenging experiences, and play small to avoid discomfort — you have the opportunity to transform. Will you take up the challenge?  Learn how to break through conditioned patterns and take the driver’s seat in your life, reclaiming tremendous internal energy to live fully, create something new, and rule your world.


In this process we will support you to:

  • Upgrade to turn stress into fuel for growth and power for positive change
  • Develop strength, focus, decisiveness, direction, and clarity
  • Set a new baseline for health, empowerment, and participation in your life
  • Effectively change habits, behaviors, and reinvent yourself with new insight
  • Resolve the need to react to life with stress, defense, and tension

SRI stages 4-6 are experienced to grow these strategies.





Level 3: Awaken

When you grow beyond your conditioning, a bigger world opens up. Why are you here? Who are you, really? How do you participate in greater circles of life?  As your consciousness awakens beyond who you think are and how life is supposed to be, you can step into a bigger picture of reality, fully be the change you want to see, and realize your necessary place in the world.


In this process you:

  • Upgrade to “bounce back” effortlessly in stressful events
  • Experience more freedom, passion, joy, and gratitude even in challenging situations
  • Feel more connected to the greater purpose of your life
  • Embody and experience of the “spiritual” nature of life in the present moment
  • Observe phenomenal increases in adaptability, empowerment, and ability to contribute
  • Realize the changes you must make to support your optimal life

SRI Stages 7-12 are accessed to sponsor and deepen this level of care.