Dr. David Mehler

Meet Dr. David Mehler { founder of Vikaz in New York City }

david-with-kathleenOriginally trained as a chiropractor in 1994, David had a profound personal experience that catalyzed a deep soul calling to learn and master this exquisite form of spinal care, called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). For the last two decades he has been in service to thousands of people offering this extraordinary work from his heart and soul. His mission is to sponsor the awakening of people to their true nature and a life of vitality, passion and purpose. He has been privileged to be on the teaching staff for Wise World Seminars, and on it’s cutting edge evolution with the developer, Dr. Donald Epstein, since 2005. David has had the honor of traveling around the world, serving as a personal practitioner for well-known leaders including Anthony Robbins.

An avid believer that we each have the power to be the change we want to see in the world, David’s equally driven to serve thru example. His life is inspired by what he knows the world requires – empowering men to reclaim their masculine core while being the presence for women to blossom into their divine feminine essence. He is also the founder of ManonFireRising.com where he empowers high achieving men to rise into passionate, powerful masculine leaders. Through his work at Vikaz and Man on Fire, he is committed to owning and expressing his own gifts and serving as a conduit for the divine, with an undeniable, relentless passion to impact humanity’s progress.




Vikaz birthed from David and Kathleen’s hunger to create an inspiring environment that’s cultivates a community for those seeking to align with their innate power to live a vibrant, passionate, and meaningful life.  And in doing so, provide an unparalleled level of support to sponsor the fullest expression of their gifts. Committed to being embodied examples of this, they travel year-round immersed in the teachings of Donny Epstein, Tony Robbins and Oneness University — and promise to bring you the very best of what they are learning and living.