Kathleen Graham

Meet Kathleen Graham { love & relationship expert }

kathleen-rose-dressKathleen is the creative maven behind Vikaz and our resident love & relationship expert (and Dr. Mehler’s beloved wife!). Devoted to living an extraordinary & soulful life, she was captivated by Network Care from her first exposure. NSA and SRI radically and miraculously altered the course of her life away from pain and towards adventure, magic and creating alignment with her true passions.  She has been devoted to mastering and embodying the vast breadth of wisdom of this work since 2005.
Kathleen is the founder of Wild Woman in LOVE. She helps smart successful single women become magnets for love so that they can attract a powerful man who will love & cherish them. She is a great resource for the single ladies in the Vikaz community and has found that coupling her teachings with this profound healing work 10x the love results! A graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in 2006, she had a private NYC practice before devoting all her time to becoming a Love Expert. She now serves thousands of women worldwide to magnetize their soul’s true match. You can learn more at www.wildwomaninlove.com.



Vikaz birthed from David and Kathleen’s hunger to create an inspiring environment that’s cultivates a community for those seeking to align with their innate power to live a vibrant, passionate, and meaningful life.  And in doing so, provide an unparalleled level of support to sponsor the fullest expression of their gifts. Committed to being embodied examples of this, they travel year-round immersed in the teachings of Donny Epstein, Tony Robbins and Oneness University — and promise to bring you the very best of what they are learning and living.