tr“Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory Integration, Donny Epstein’s revolutionary methodologies, are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness.  I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.”

– Anthony Robbins (Peak Performance Coach, Best Selling Author, “Unlimited Power”)


cp“Network Spinal Analysis represents the epitome of ‘body’ work in our time; the leading edge of Body-Mind-Spirit integration. This work will transform the planet.”

– Candace Pert Ph.D. (Professor of Research, Georgetown University, Author of “Molecules of Emotion”)




dc“Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within us.”

– Deepak Chopra, M.D.




Meggan“Dr. David Mehler is so profoundly skilled at listening to the body. Our work together has generated some of the most sublime spiritual experiences. Through his subtle touch, my soul and body find their sacred alignment. Kathleen is a powerful speaker because she is so fully present, so fully embodied. The intensity of her presence gives us permission to come fully into the moment as well in order to really take in the wisdom she has to share.”

– Meggan Watterson (Author of REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked
TedM“I’m a speaker, and I will not get up on stage unless David works on me. This body, mind, spirit technique has completely transformed my awareness, my potential, and my income. It’s a life saver and transformer at the same time. What are you waiting on? Pull the trigger with David, he’s incredible.”

– Ted McGrath (transformational leader,
Noel“Ever since walking through the doors of Vikaz, into the incredibly blissful & cozy environment, I am truly a different person. I feel taller & more aligned (spinally and spiritually). After the first 2 weeks of receiving care– friends, family, and even strangers kept asking me what I was doing because I was glowing. I had become happier, less stressed, and learned to just allow life to flow effortlessly. Network spinal analysis has not only helped me personally and psychically, but also professionally. As an Actress, Network Care has shown me how to tap into my emotions more easily by locating where I tend to store them in my body. I can say with conviction that not only are Dr. Mehler and Kathleen Earth Angels, but they have helped elevate me to the highest version of myself.”

– Nöel Elie (Actress, Events Director, Producer, Creative Consultant)
Havilah“My life has been greatly impacted by the extraordinary transformational work of Dr. David Mehler. His work helps you tap into your most powerful and authentic self while gaining a sense of clarity and purposeful intention. I leave from sessions feeling more centered, focused and ready to create amazing results in my life and in the lives of others. If you are ready to unleash your greatest potential then NSA is for you.”

– Havilah Malone (TV Host and Author, ‘How to Become a Publicity Magnet in Any Market via TV, Radio & Print’)
Madeline“Network Care has compelled me to hear my heart and intuition in ways no other healing modality has been able to (and trust me, I have tried many!) I wish I could say life has been easier since starting Network Care, but to be honest, it’s been some of the most challenging months I’ve ever experienced. Yet, for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am truly living. There are days when I leave Dr. Mehler’s office in a state of pure bliss, where I look at people on the street and start tearing up because I can feel the love in their hearts. I feel so connected to my true self, sometimes I feel like I am 4-years-old again and just want to hug and smile at everyone on the street (even in New York!) Network Care is truly magical – and in my experience, it is the fastest and most relaxing way to start living the life you were born to live!”

– Madeline Giles, (founder,
Audrey“I often find myself wondering how other people survive without Network Care. I can’t imagine not having this resource in my life. I suppose that is why there is so much suffering, pain and addiction that surrounds us. I used to have vertigo, I used get panic attacks, I used to have low self-worth and a tendency to blame others for my misery. Network Care is the foundation of my healing and spiritual practice. It has been the biggest gift and has made the most profound impact on the glorious being I am and my connection to the omnipotent Universe I feel so divinely guided by. I am so grateful.”

– Audrey Gordon (Owner/Founder at Audrey Gordon: Wellness Concierge)


“I was functioning at a pretty high level in my life, but I knew there was a deeper level of wellness and potential possible.  Being a part of the conscious community in New York, I was surrounded by people engaging in every conceivable form of self improvement, but most of them seemed to endlessly circle their own tail with out making any dramatic shifts in their life story. Not so with my friend who transformed profoundly with Network Care in a relatively short period of time.  Her body changed dramatically, her breath shifted, her outlook was more expansive, and I could feel a sense of liberation and awakening consciousness in her presence.  I felt certain this was the work that I, too, must engage in.

It’s actually challenging to quantify or qualify the changes I have experienced.  Yes, I leave every session feeling more expansive, more grounded, more calm, and more present to the love radiating out of my heart, but it is the accumulated benefits which blow my mind.  Each session builds on the last to keep raising the standard of wellness and awareness without a cap.  The benefits can continue to expand for a lifetime.Amanda

Every single person on the planet would receive massive benefit from this work, and particularly from David’s masterful touch. This work is contributing to the awakening consciousness of humanity, and I see David as a true leader of this awakening, through his modest, down to earth daily hands on care of the individual.”

– Amanda Young (Founder, Urban Goddess)



Linda“Now when I have pain or symptoms I know exactly what its related to and what I need to change to take my life to the next level.  If I was a stick shift car I can use the proper gear at the proper time instead of running my entire life out of one gear.  I feel more I can be with the experience and not have to figure it out.  I am more connected to myself and to others and can show up for others in a way that I never dreamt of.  All the stuff I read in personal growth books, I now have an effortless embodiment of and I don’t have to think about it or work at it.  Dr. David has superpowers and super skill sets and he’s a regular dude – it translates to the healing process being relatable and accessible for anyone.  He is fiercely committed to meeting people where they’re at and taking them to the next level.”

Dr. Linda Bedessian (Founder, Alive |  Los Angeles)

Paul“I first went to see Dr Mehler because of chronic pain in my back. He told me that I should evaluate the treatment not by whether my back pain had improved, but by how my life was going. I have to say that since I began care, my life has evolved in powerful ways. I was 50 when I first started seeing him and was starting to feel old. Two years later I feel younger and more excited about life than I ever have. I am in touch with the energy in my body in a way that is real and tangible. I have made choices to do things that are creative, adventurous and nourishing for my soul. I express more and more of my power in my life and in my work. As a bonus, my back pain has definitely improved too.”
– Paul Browde, M.D. (Co-founder, Narativ Inc.  |  New York City)


“What I experienced as I committed to care, was a journey from my head back into my body, my heart, and ultimately my truth. It enabled me to strengthen the inner connection within myself and my innate intelligence so I could unlock more of a life that is aligned with who I really am and what I really want. Care supported me in awakening and activating parts of my being that were not as turned on. It helped me to eliminate the physical, mental and emotional blocks, allowing me to feel greater clarity. It has quickened my progress in all areas of my life because it integrates the physical body with the mind and soul. Getting deeper in tune with my “true self” has infinitely impacted what I have been able to create in all the external areas of my life.

Network care has been an incredible modality to allow me to move through my experiences as a healthier way to process them, rather then just conceptualize and “figure out” how to make the changes I longed for. The first year in care has been the most transformational year of my life. I left a 5 year relationship and my home in NYC. The support from care was so critical in this process of change. Within months, without even looking, fell into the most beautiful sou-mate kinda love with a man who can truly meet me on the physical, mental and spiritual levels I had always desired. I made decisions in my business that enabled me to pay off debt and create a bi-coastal business and lifestyle. I won a 35K trip around the world, traveling to 6 countries in 22 days and began to receive extraordinary levels of abundance on all levels (big and small).jeanne

The most rewarding part of these changes, is knowing that these internal shifts will support me for the rest of my life as I continue to create a life that is aligned with all of my hearts desires.”

– Jeanne Grabowski  (Health Coach)



Souad“I have been in network care for over two years and am living into the best version of myself each day.  I am more grounded, open, calm, loving and true to myself, having more clarity than ever in my heart and soul.  I am also in the best physical condition I’ve ever been, feeling comfortable in my body while experiencing and accepting all of me. Network care has been a great support in my life and continues to help me evolve emotionally, physically and spiritually.”

– Souad Acha (Senior Apparel Designer)

JakeM“Network care has helped me to tap into hidden wells of courage to face my deepest fears and harness untapped potential that was previously lying dormant.   Since starting network care I have had a significant release of overall tension that was in my physical body.  I have a new found clarity on who I am and where I am going.  Life has a rhythm and a melody to it now, I continue to participate in network care because proactively fine tuning my mind, body and spirit ensures my ability to sing my song and give my gift at higher and higher levels.”

– Jake Merriman ( Founder & Creator: Gen Y Catalyst Coaching)

laurin“David Mehler is an extraordinarily talented soul. He has helped me connect to my body, breath, emotions and others. This work is a Must if you want to achieve greater results in your life with more ease and fulfillment. I highly recommend network care and Vikaz.”

– Laurin Seiden (Founder & CEO, New You Development)


“From an external perspective, the circumstances of my life have worsened since I started network care 4 years ago as my aging mother with dementia has become more dependent and has moved in with me. What network has brought me however, is a feeling of peace and gratitude to face the ever changing condition of life. We cannot escape sickness, old age and death, but if we can see things just as they are, we can be liberated from suffering (Buddha).  For me, network provides a mind-body experience of connecting to something higher, something beyond the conception of the mind, an experience of peace and bliss which becomes incorporated in my day to day life.  It has quieted the mental chatter that we all have to bring more moments of living fully in the moment.  It has given me the wisdom and strength to face life with all its joys and challenges with a deepened appreciation of life.”

– Mari M. (Senior Portfolio Manager)


stephanie“Drs. Mehler & Morton dive deep into the heart of healing. They respect & celebrate each individual who walks through their doors, offering nothing less than complete care for the body, emotions, mind, soul, & spirit. Needless to say, the effects of their Network Spinal practice are remarkable, profound & life-altering. They will launch you to a level of wellness that is your very birthright. I wholeheartedly recommend this care to patients, friends, family . . . anyone who will listen!”

– Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT (Founder, Sacred Body Institute)

Morgan“I simply had one of the most profound experiences of my life upon first meeting myself face down on the table. Network care has become an influential part of my life and my growth has exceeded my expectations in such a short amount of time. What was no longer useful in my life began to fall away with ease and grace. I began to connect to my body and listen to my soul on a deeper level than ever before, despite having a deeply engaging spiritual practice already in place. My ideas became clearer and I just knew what I had to do in my life without having to grapple over decisions. Before long, I met my soul partner hiking to the top of a mountain in Colorado. A long lost desire to live in Colorado quickly became a reality. My life began to shift before my very eyes. I have everything my soul has ever desired and it occurred in an incredibly condensed amount of time. In fact, time slowed down in all areas of my life and I began to experience life at higher and higher versions of myself. It is hard to believe that in less than 6 months I manifested more than I had in nearly 29 years of my life. I am always promoting how to “get the glow” from a raw food diet, but network care will give you ” the glow” on a seriously exponential level!

– Morgan Reeser (Holistic Complexion and Wellness Coach and Raw/Vegan Personal Chef)

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